Check the rules for registration of RioSeminars, Workshops and One-to-One Meetings.


October 4th to 13th

Taking part in RioMarket 2023 is free and guaranteed through a registration for the events on the website, relying on the maximum capacity of each event. 

Participation in the One-to-one Meetings will be confirmed after the payment of a fee and the acceptance of the players in the meetings. For further information, check the regulations page [here] - link to the regulations of Business Rounds.

1.1. Registrations must be made on the RioMarket website ( or at the Rio Festival Headquarters during the event.

1.2. RioMarket registrations do not grant access to the Rio Festival 2023 movie screenings.

1.3. RioMarket registration is personal and non-transferable.

2. RioMarket consists of several activities, each one with its specifics regarding participation:

(i) RioSeminars - The seminars promote debates and discussions on the most current topics in the audiovisual industry, presenting new technologies and market trends through masterclasses, keynote speeches, panels, and talks with renowned entertainment and audiovisual industry experts from all over the world.

(ii) Workshops - The workshops feature well-known professionals from the industry presenting and sharing their expertise and the latest developments in their respective fields. We request registered participants to arrive at the workshop venue at least 15 minutes in advance; the event relies on capacity limitations.

(iii) Round Table - Activity focused on professionals in the market, opening the way for dialogue and information exchange with the guests. It will be a space to discuss specific topics of great relevance to the audiovisual industry. The Round-Tables are closed, invite-only events.

(iv) One-to-one Meetings - The One-to-one Meetings bring together leading producers and professionals from the audiovisual industry who are interested in new ventures. The meetings allow intense networking and information exchange between national and international producers, distributors, programmers and sales agents from the areas of film, television and digital media. It's a great opportunity for producers to pitch their projects to professionals interested in acquisition, distribution, licensing and co-production. The access to the One-to-one Meetings will be granted after the payment of a fee and the confirmation by the players in the meetings. For further information, please check the regulations (here) - link to the regulations of the rounds

(v) RioMarket Youth Program - RioMarket Youth is the contribution of audiovisual experts to the development of the new generations of professionals from several areas. Throughout the event, youth coming from different contexts can take part in Screenwriting, Directing and even Entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence workshops.

2.1. All registrations for seat reservations must be made in advance on the RioMarket website (

2.2. For activities where prior registration is required for seat reservation, a waiting list may be set up at the event venue according to the demand from interested parties, and at the scheduled time for the start of the activity, if there are available seats, these can be filled by those in the waiting list, based on their arrival time. 

3. All RioMarket events will be held at the Rio Festival Headquarters (RUA DO RUSSEL, 76, GLÓRIA, RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ).

4. All participants must pick up their credentials before taking part in the activities they are interested in at the Rio Festival Headquarters (RUA DO RUSSEL, 76, GLÓRIA, RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ). Credentials will be available from October 4th, 2023 to October 13th, 2023, from 9AM to 6PM.

5. The entire event schedule will be available and updated on the RioMarket website (

6. By registering for RioSeminars, Workshops, RioMarket Youth and Business Rounds, participants authorize the Rio Festival to use their voices and images recorded during all the activities of the event, for an indefinite period of time and for broadcasting and/or recording on any platforms.