About us

RioMarket is the business area of ​​Festival do Rio and is committed to contributing to the development of the audiovisual industry, allowing the exchange of knowledge between renowned professionals, new producers and reputable companies in the area, and providing new business opportunities and training for professionals.of the market.


RioMarket 2023 will take place from October 4th to 13th. All information regarding registration and the RioMarket 2023 schedule can be found on the website www.riomarket.com.br

In order to meet and correspond the interests of the public and professionals in the area, RioMarket 2023 program will be concentrated in ten days, featuring a series of seminars, workshops, masterclasses and round tables, in addition to business rounds and the RioMarket Youth Program. 

RioSeminars - The seminars promote debates and discussions on the most current topics in the audiovisual industry, presenting new technologies and market trends, through masterclasses, panels, talks and introductions with renowned entertainment and audiovisual industry experts from all over the world.

Workshop - The workshops feature well-known market professionals presenting and sharing their knowledge and news in their respective fields.

Round Table - Activity focused on professionals in the market, opening the way for dialogue and information exchange with the guests. It will be a space to discuss specific topics of great relevance to the audiovisual industry. The Round-Tables are closed, invite-only events. 

One to One Meetings - The One to One Meetings bring together leading producers and professionals from the audiovisual industry who are interested in new ventures. The meetings allow intense networking and information exchange between national and international producers, distributors, programmers and sales agents from the areas of film, television and digital media. It's a great opportunity for producers to pitch their projects to professionals interested in acquisition, distribution, licensing and co-production.

RioMarket Youth - RioMarket Youth is the contribution of audiovisual experts to the development of the new generations of professionals from several areas. Throughout the event, youth coming from different contexts can take part in Screenwriting, Directing and even Entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence workshops.