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Check the rules for registration of RioSeminars, Workshops, RioScreenings, One to One Meetings, Film Show and Free Events.

October 9th to 13th

1.  RioMarket will take place at the Festival do Rio Headquarters from October 9th to 14th, and the specific dates dedicated to the One To One Meetings are October 9th to 13th, from 10am to 6pm.

2.  In order to participate it is necessary to obtain a RioMarket Passport for each day of activity and pay a specific application fee for each meeting.

2.1. In order to participate in RioMarket it is necessary to pay R$ 500,00 (five hundred reais)  as an application fee, which gives access during the whole event to activities as: RioSeminars, Worshops e Masterclass, Round Table and Co-production Clinic that will happen from October 9th to 13th, 2017. Also RioMarket gives passes for the One To One Meetings.

2.2. The application fee for each One To One Meetings’ meeting is R$60 (sixty reais).

2.3. There will be no discounts for the One To One Meetings application fee. The available discounts will be valid only to obtain the RioMarket or Day Pass Passport.

2.4. The Day Pass does not give passes to participate of the One To One Meetings. For this, it is necessary to obtain a RioMarket Passport.

3.  The applications for the One To One Meetings, as well as the acquistion of RioMarket Passport, are exclusively via RioMarket's website (www.riomarket.com.br) til the deadline of September 25th, 2017. Applications during the event are not accepted.

3.1.Any person or legal entity that is regularly constituted may register as a participant in the One To One Meetings.

4.  The One To One Meetings application grants the right to schedule a meeting with one of the companies’ representatives available by the event.

4.1.The meeting will have the maximum duration of 20 minutes and previously scheduled according to the agenda of each guest available for meetings.

4.2.RioMarket will NOT provide equipment or materials for the presentation aid. The producer is responsible for bringing the necessary material (ex: notebooks, tablets, printed information, etc…) for his presentation.

4.3.Only those who obtain the RioMarket Passport can participate in the One To One Meetings, up to a limit of 2 participants.

5.  When applying, the producer must select the company with which he or she wishes to schedule a meeting, complete the Application Form and Project Form (with the project data that will be presented)

5.1. The guests’ list, as well as its information, will be available on the One To One Meetings page at  RioMarket website (www.riomarket.com.br).

5.2. When selecting a company of interest, one should pay attention to the day and shift that the guest is available. The morning shift is from 10am to 1pm and the afternoon shift from 2pm to 6pm.

5.3. Only after the application is confirmed a contact via e-mail will be made to schedule the exact time of meeting according to the guest availability. The time will be scheduled by order of request and payment confirmation.

5.4. It is essential to fill out the Project Form (with the project data that will be presented). In case of registration for more than one meeting with the same project, one project form must be completed for each meeting respectively.

5.5. All information about the submitted project should be included in the Project Form. Additional material will NOT be accepted. If it is in the producer's interest, the producer can take these materials on the scheduled meeting date.

6.  The One To One Meetings will happen the Festival do Rio Headquarters (Hotel Gran Meliá Nacional Rio - Av. Niemeyer, 769 - São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro - RJ – Brazil).

7.  On the day of the event, producers should arrive an hour before the meeting for accreditation. Only after accreditation, producers should go to the One to One Meetings room and identify themselves to one of the responsible producers.

8.  Before participating of any meeting, all participants must collect their credentials from the Rio Festival Headquarters (Hotel Gran Meliá Nacional Rio - Av. Niemeyer, 769 - São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro - RJ – Brazil).

8.1.The credentials will be available from October 5th, 2017 until October 13th, 2017, from 9am to 6pm.

9.  In case that any participant company is canceled, the enrolled will be communicated via email and will have the option to replace the meeting (with another company that has available positions) or request the refund.

9.1.Eventually, some guests may request a prior evaluation of the material. This happens because the company has a specific and differentiated profile. In case the enrolled project does not fit in the company profile, the enrolled can transfer the meeting and schedule it with another guest or company, or have the registration fee reimbursed.

9.2. Refunds will only be granted in case of cancellation by the organization.

9.3. The organization has up to fifteen (15) days to grant the refund.

10.  Incomplete applications, filled with incompatible information, unconfirmed payment or that does not fit to one of the requirements stipulated by the Festival do Rio will not be accepted.