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Workshop / Masterclass :: Building a cinematic universe: screenwriting workshop with Patrick Hegarty

12/10/2017 > 10:00h - 13:00h
Room 3

Every film, TV show, short, or other media lives in its own unique cinematic universe. Whether your screenplay takes place in a universe as expansive as Marvel’s or as intimate as a one-location haunted house, the screenwriter must create, know, and understand every single part of the world in which he or she is going to be creating.

After that universe is created and defined, the screenwriter must populate it with original characters that feel at home there. In this class, we’ll discuss the steps it takes to create an original, organic and believable cinematic universe, as well as how to populate the universe with characters that are three-dimensional and worthy of our larger world.

On the day of the event, participants should arrive 15 minutes before the desired session. After this time, the remaining available places will be allocated to the waiting line.

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