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Round table :: PRESENTATION OF EIDR cross industry, not-for-profit association

07/11/2018 > 11:30h - 12:15h
Room One to One Meetings

EIDR is a cross industry, not-for-profit association which has developed Universal Unique IDs for television and movie assets. The association’s practiced and proven benefit, when utilized in the entertainment supply chain, is regarded as the unique identifier for all television and movie assets. The registry has been developed to serve multiple actors and support all business models in that operate within the entertainment supply chain.

As EIDRs are widely deployed across the entertainment supply chain, the association’s technology provides the foundation for market convergence and supports innovative new cross-sector partnerships.

This section showcases a number of current implementations that can be leveraged when using EIDRs as the Universal Unique Identifier.  Use the jump links or browse all below:

François Modarresse EIDR Business Development Consultant, EIDR Biography