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Krishna Mahon

Krishna Mahon

Content Director

Krishna Mahon is the original content director of History, A&E, Lifetime and H2.
Responsible for the original production, she discusses ideas for new series and documentaries with Brazilian independent producers, receives possible acquisitions and evaluates business opportunities, by combining funds, coproduction and partnerships with brands, etc.

With more than 20 years of TV, she has participated on the creation process of series such as “Gigantes do Brasil”, first dramaturgical series of History channel, which increased the audience in more than 50% during its two days of exhibition and set the channel above the competition and also increased the ATS (strategy that reveals the engagement of the public); “O Infiltrado”, nominated to an International Emmy in 2014 and winner of APCA; “History Drink”, currently in its third season; “Até Que a Morte Nos Separe”, series about crimes of passion developed with Pródigo, winner of Promax. It increased the A&E audience in 250% on its debut, in 2012. Its second season was also a success and it was on the channel’s Top 3 ever since its debut on September 2015.


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