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Fernando Sokolowicz

Fernando Sokolowicz

Aleph Media

Fernando Sokolowicz started in journalism as President of the Argentine newspaper Página 12.

Then he turned to the audio-visual industry over thirty years ago. Regarding his activity in audio-visual media, he is also President of ACERVO (association of producers of the Audio-visual Culture) - NGO of Argentines producers. Moreover he has been President of Aleph Media (film production company working for both cinema and TV) for over 30 years. As part of his work in Aleph Media, he produced more than 100 movies, among others: The Distinguished Citizen, Heart of Leon, Widows, The man next door, The Artist, The Hands…

He participated as member of a jury in many prestigious international festivals and in countless conferences of the audio-visual industry. He received many nominations to Platino Awards: the first year for the Best First Film (“Esclavos de Dios”), the second year for the Best Animation (“El ultimo mago o Bilembambudín”) and the third year for the Best Documentary (“Chicas Nuevas 24 hs”)and won in 201 Best Ibero American Film with The Distinguisehd Citizen. He also received many others prestigious prices for its films, among them, two Goya Prices for the Best Foreing Film (The Hands, The Distinguished Citizen).His last production is My Mastrerpiece, directed by Gastón Duprat.


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