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Diego Palacio

Diego Palacio


Diego Palacio is an experienced executive producer and director with over 20 years of experience in television. His artistic view and technique led him to develop professionally through a variety of commercials and TV genres in Argentina and abroad.

Thanks to his talent he produced more than 800 hours of audiovisual works. For 20 years Palacio was the artistic director of the Endemol Shine Argentina. Nowadays, is a partner and the creative director of Storylab Argentina with Nacho Viale, another experienced Argentinian producer.

His most recent worldwide works are “Estocolmo”, the first Argentinian show with a world debut on Netflix, and “La Casa Del Mar”, nominated to the International Emmy Awards as the best drama series of 2016. Besides, Palacio has successful works in the Argentinian television such as “La Dueña”, with record audience at Telefe, “Historias de Sexo de Gente Común” with two seasons, “Doble Vida”, “Al Límite”, “TAXXI” and “Kaos en la Ciudad”. He also directed a great number of TV shows to international chains such as “Escuela para Maridos”, recent success on FOX Life; “Gran Hermano”, “Rides Latam” for Discovery Channel; “Fan Van” and “Switch” for MTV; “Historia Extrema” for History Channel, nominated to the International Emmy Awards as the best reality show, and “Exploración Maya”, also for History Channel.


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